Lovely Magenta


Trying to paint nature….

I like using watercolors a lot.😘 Their transparency is something that always catches my eyes. 😍

I like experimenting with them so that I could discover their secrets. I wanna get better at painting specially at painting water and a beautiful sky with amazing clouds.

So this is what I tried today. I know it’s not perfect but it came out as per my expectations.

I’ll try the same painting again after one or two months to check how much I have improved .😊

A friend’s demand!

Keep the colors of joy alive in your heart.”

Below is the painting that I made on my friend’s demand.

She sent me the reference image and asked me to draw this for her.πŸ˜‰

I like the way those characters have come , specially their eyes😘. Eyes were most complicated part if the painting. I used watercolors here. Everything thing looks fine but  i don’t find the background that attractive. Maybe I was expecting something else. Something better. Anyways she likes it and she said she will stick it on the front page of her diary.πŸ˜‡

Reference image

My painting in watercolor

“Keep smiling and loving!”


Let the fairy within  you touch the moon!”

Hey, I am back with another post.

Two days ago my sister asked me to draw her a fairy . I think it was her homework or something like that. So, I did one for her. And as a result of it now I want to draw and paint more and more fairies.πŸ˜’πŸ˜€

So yesterday night I made a simple sketch of a fairy touching the moon. And off course, as I said in my previous post that I like Googling and watching videos on YouTube I used different images and paintings available on Google as reference for the sketch I made yesterday.πŸ˜€πŸ˜œ

The one i made for her…

This one is a colored version of a drawing I found on Google.(you can find it too.✌)

The one i made yesterday night..

I want to make a watercolor version of it as well as an acrylic version too.😳 

If I’ll make one, I’ll definitely share it here.😘

Keep smiling and loving!”

New Beginning….

Hey there! This is my very first post.

I have started this blog inorder to share my sketches , paintings and other possible stuff.

I love colors and so painting and sketching. I am no master of arts. I am just teaching my self how to paint and sketch. I like watching different art tutorials on YouTube and also Google different things about art. And I also love spending my time with my lovely family and my friends too.

I would love to share my little journey of painting + sketching with all of you…

“Keep smiling and loving!”